Diversity according to Ayurveda

The first time I stumbled upon the notion that humans are in fact different was when Ayurveda came into my life. Ayurveda is an ancient indian wisdom and teaching about our body, energies, and health.

Ayurveda has the notion that there are three different types or elements.

  • Vata (element “air”)
  • Pitta (element “fire”)
  • Kapha (element “earth”)

Each person tends to fall into one of these types. Usually, one type prevails, but people can also be a mix of types. Furthermore, the type is not fixed for the whole life, but can vary over different phases. Some people are even a balanced mix of all three types.

If you want to find out your type you can take this short test.

Why should you do this? Once you know your type and it’s associated attributes you can for example better understand why your body reacts to different foods the way it does.

Each type has different preferences or needs when it comes to food. Vatas for example are very agile and need lots of grounding, i.e. they can mainly benefit from warm food and drinks. The warmth balances their energetic nature and keeps them stable.

Kapha types (the other end of the spectrum) are already very grounded – and sometimes sluggish – by their nature. You can usually (but not always) spot them by their large body mass and heavy stature. These types need “a kick in the butt” so to say. They should avoid heavy foods and can benefit from energizing things like spices or coffee.

If your interested and want to learn more … the web is full with tons of information on Ayurveda. Happy exploring.

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