Johannes Czwalina on diversity

I just found the following text passage by the German author, theologian, and corporate consultant Johannes Czwalina in my quotes collection. In this text passage he absolutely beautifully describes human diversity and individual purpose on this earth. I could not have found better words, so I thought I’d share them with you.

This is an English translation from the German passage which I recorded back then. Unfortunately I haven’t recorded where I got this passage from. But anway … enjoy Johannes’ words,

Each person represents a unique, unmistakable combination of strengths and weaknesses, of talents and idiosyncrasies. His individuality, his uniqueness are not random products. Every wrinkle in the face, every smile on the lips, every sadness in the heart, every fear in the stomach is a unique sight on this earth. This uniqueness corresponds to something besides his job, which fulfills him today and can be gone tomorrow, something like a unique life task, which requires exactly those character traits that he combines in him as a single person. This includes the weaknesses and the areas he may be ashamed of. This life mission is part of the deeper meaning of life, its redemption for personal fulfillment.

Johannes Czwalina

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