Trust your gut. It’s your compass

Let me tell you a short story on the importance of following your gut. Many people – like me for a long time – are caught in their mind and often have difficulties making decisons. Or sometimes they make decisions that are not in their best interest – and/or their fellow human beings.

Very young kids don’t have this problem. They have a very strong inner compass that tells them what they like and dislike. You can easily see this, when it comes to food. They tell you right away “More, more!” or “F*** off, I won’t eat this!”. And that’s not simply a mind thing, but their body telling them, what they need and what not.

Very often, harsh education and upbringing teaches us humans to disregard our inner compass and instead follow rules that are imposed upon us by parents and society. In the first years of our lives, these people are mainly our parents and other attachment figures. Thus, we – unfortunately – start to disregard our compass and instead tend to satisfy other people’s expectations. Not very good, I can tell you.

These – often enforced – expectations and rules are then internalized and we start to follow such “programs” which are then engrained in our heads. Rather than following our gut …. and that’s when the troubles start.

I was caught in my head for decades and I can tell you this is tiring. Luckily, I started to unearth my gut feeling again (with loads of help from others) and now I can say that my compass is very strong. It is guiding me safely through the turmoils of life. I still need my mind though to counterbalance my sometimes strong emotions.

As the saying goes:

“The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.”

Old Asian Proverb

See this article on it for some more, short, but valuable information on the balance between feelings and the mind. I wish you all the best for unearthing your compass and then steering through the journey of life. Once you get to the balance of gut and mind … life can be fun! Trust me šŸ˜‡

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