The intended journey of life

Okay, this is gonna be an important and sort of deep topic, but don’t be afraid … I’ll try to put it in as simple words as I can. What this post is about, is the meaning of life. In other words: What’s our mission (so to say) during our lifetime.

When you ask different people about their understanding of the meaning of life, you’ll get different answers. Some say it’s “Family”, others say it’s “Love”, maybe for some it’s having a career (I plead guilty ;)). A good friend of mine says, life is about growing spiritually. I know this might sound like fairy speak to some – it certainly would have to me a couple of years ago … so let me paint you a more tangible picture.

So even now, as I subscribe to this idea of growing spiritually, I prefer to phrase it a bit differently. I would say, our mission here on earth is to get closer to the core of our being (our soul if you might want to use that word).

Because this core essence of our being wants to shine. And it’s direly needed in this world of turmoil that we are living in. The soul has its purpose and this purpose (which we can only recognize as we go) longs to evolve … and thereby reach higher planes of existence and happiness.

As one of my favourite authors, Ulrich Schaffer recently said:

You are the sum of all of your experiences, but you are so (!) much more.

Ulrich Schaffer

So don’t cling to phases of your life that have served it’s purpose. This may sound harsh and hard, but once you get the hang of it (and this might take years or even decades of practice and necessary hardship), it get’s way easier.

So we should be steadily trying to recognize and unearth our potential. This doesn’t need to happen every day, so don’t push to hard. But when you get the feeling that you are stagnating and your life circumstances are dragging you down … then you should seek to go deeper within – and thereby ways out of your situation.

You don’t have to walk this journey alone though. You are not the only one going through this. And there’s people who can help you. People who have been through the storm of change and who know that there’s a safe place waiting for you. So reach out to them and keep walking towards a brighter life.

The trouble and effort is worth it! Embrace the change, don’t fight it.

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