How life fucks you in funny ways

Excuse the explicit language. If you have kids, tell them to look away (unless they are interested … it get’s easier with the following lines =D …).

So let me tell you what I mean by “life can f*** you in interesting ways”.

Today, I was sitting on the train again and two things happened. First, I left my sunglasses behind (let me get back to that later). The more important thing was, that I totally missed to exit at the train station where I should have exited.

A couple of stops later I noticed that I was misdirected and got off the train. As I already had lots of “funny stuff” going on in my life in the weeks previously, I didn’t panic and paused for a moment. I then went into the station building, got myself something to drink and eat and flagged a cab to drive me back to where I needed to be (There was an appointment waiting for me and notified them that I might be running late … everything okay).

Now the interesting thing about this situation was – and this is exactly how our universe works (if you are open to its magical ways) – that I felt drawn to the cab driver. He had arabic / turkish roots and I find the arabic culture and its religion (mostly Islam) to be very fascinating.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally don’t subscribe to the extremists in the east (ISIS etc.). They got something fundamentally wrong. God or Allah is about love … not the hate and holy war that they are preaching. But take it easy and don’t blame them … not only they got this wrong. Christianity also – in large parts – thinks that they got the “holy grail” and everyone else is wrong. Oh geese …

So we (the cab driver and me) chatted and exchanged some interesting ideas. Did you for example know that even the Jews in the old days referred to God as “Allah”? We booth had goose bumps during our chat (a heavenly sign and confirmation that we were on “the right track”) and we parted in the thought that we might meet again.

To cut a long story short: There’s a reason for everything that’s happening. And once you understand that, accept it, and go with the flow … magical things start to happen. Trust me!

Oh and regarding the sunglasses. 😎 I was planning to get some new ones anyway. So I thought “Okay, someone will be happy to find my left-behind sunglasses” (and I don’t need them anyway).

And so I went to the sunglass shop right that afternoon. And not only did I find exactly the sort of sunglasses I was looking for, but I also got to know the lady who was selling them to me. We clicked, exchanged contact details and also parted knowing that we might (and will) meet again.

So, please … relax when life f***s you and then try to discover the hidden messages it tries to convey to you. I know, I know … this is absolutely harder than it might sound. But once you get the hang of it, life starts to get really exciting. Sometimes too exciting for my taste, but hey … at least it’s not boring 😉

In this spirit … Take care and – as always – feel free to share your experiences and/or thoughts.


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