Let’s rock (and heal) this planet

These days I got a few powerful lines from a loved one close to me. These currently fit 1000% on my life situation and also generally on the life journey of us humans.

Before I post these (see the end of this post) something important: What surprised me the most about these helpful lines was, that they came from someone who is quite a bit YOUNGER than me.

And now a clear and somewhat in-depth message (it’s gonna get interesting, so stay with me :))

I notice more and more that we can learn a lot from all (!) humans – especially the younger ones and the children. Not only from the elderly – many of whom unfortunately are still trapped in narrow patterns and sadly do not fully participate in life.

I have the feeling that the current generation is awake, that it has a clear view of the things that have our world in their dark grip (sick power apparatuses … politics, economics and church come to mind) and these young people can – and hopefully will – thoroughly shake those obsolete apparatuses and create a “new” world. Let me say to you: You got my unlimited support!

Everyone should do their part to ensure that our world 🌎 and people can finally heal. 🙏💫

And now the helpful lines that I got. They are more subtle but led me to write this post.

“Yes, accepting and going with the river is the greatest art in life, and for that you need consciousness first, to understand who you are and what you need to balance yourself, and then you can do the transformation.”

In that sense, find yourself, seek the help you need (you can’t do this on your own) and then start flooding the world with positive energy. All of you are needed with the power that waits within you! 😍

Take care, Sebastian

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