God totally loves atheists, too!

This is not as deep as it may sound, so take some breaths, lean back and come along 🙂 It is sort of important though, but I’ll try to bring it across easily.

I can do this, trust me. *g*

Somewhere I picked up that God loves atheists, too. Because, remember this: His main concern for people is that they are good to themselves and then to others. Because only if you can accept and love yourself, you can then truly love (and accept) your fellow human beings. So a loving and thus caring atheist serves God better than a narrow-minded religious person who doesn’t respect others.

And unfortunately, there are currently way too many of these unkind and judgemental people in this world …. 🙁

So this message of “self-love” (and acceptance) is rather important to remember for all of us. This is because this message should remind us of the following: You shouldn’t force other people to believe in God, Allah, Manituh (or whatever name is your favourite). Care about yourself first. Then you will truly find God. Because he first wants and needs to talk to you. Go within, first.

Thus, all of us should remember that this journey inwards is highly individual. It totally depends on the person in question – everyone carries a different “essence” so to say. I have written on the topic of diversity and indiviuality here before. See this or this post (or click the “diversity tag” on the right).

So, if you then consider that each person (and his journey) is different you could also then realize that many people – quite more than you might think, to be honest 🙂 – have already found God.

They did so simply by seeing that there is some kind of order and driving power in this world. They just may use a different name for it than you do. They could call it “universe” (my ex-spouse does so :)), “universal power”, “balancing force” (as above so below), or maybe a completely different name.

But such kind and caring people have noticed that there’s more to this universe than we can grasp. It’s like electrictity. You can’t see electricity … BUT you can see that your lightbulb lights up, your refrigirator keeps humming along, your stove gets hot, etc. You get the idea, right?! 🙂

So please, please, … relax and focus on the good in you and your fellow beings.

Namaste 🙏 …. Sebastian

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