Give Astrology a try – it’s totally worth it.

In reaction to my first post on Astrology, a follower named Hans on my blog’s Facebook page reacted irritated and told me that it doesn’t work in his oppinion.

I can’t blame him, because I was a skeptic for a long time, too. In reaction to his comments, let me share with you how I came in touch with Astrology and how it developed for me over the years.

First, my dear mother had a natal birth chart analysis done for me, when I was a young kid. I don’t remember that I read it back then, but I kept it in a folder for over 30 years. Some years ago, I came back to it again and found content that very much resonated with me.

So, I feel, you don’t have to understand why or how Astrology works. There are expert for that. But, you can simply have someone else create an analysis for you and then see, what rings true for you at that point in time.

And as I said, sometimes it can take years for you to find those hidden gems. An Astrologer recently told me, that a birth chart analysis can be a beautiful companion over the course of your life. And that it’s only natural – just like it is with books – that one only takes a couple of insights away each now and then.

To give you an example: I recently had an analysis done for me which was around 20 pages long. At this point in time, I mainly took away three important lines that showed me something that I found very helpful. And I will get back to the report at another point in time in the future to find out more.

What I want to say by that is, that you don’t have to start out big. Go with whatever feels right to you, but please 🙏😇 … just be open that there might be some value in it, even if you can’t see it right away.

Regarding good astrologers. Here comes a list of ones that I find useful. You can have a look at their websites and pick the one who feels right for you at the moment.

So here’s the list. English ones first:

And now the German ones:

If you want to find out more about Astrology or about these helpful people, either contact them directly or send me a message.

Take care and I wish you a insightful journey, Sebastian

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  1. P.S.: If you are located in Germany, you might want to give this page a try: It has free daily and weekly (and more) horoscopes. I just had a look and even if not everything resonated for me, an important reminder “jumped” at me 🙂 For Pisces (me) it’s important today to take some leisure time to re-charge the batteries. And guess, what I am gonna do now 😉

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