Value yourself, value your fellow humans

I was a lone fighter for a long time. Being a lone fighter is hard. For yourself and for your environment. It took me many years of hardship to come to a beautiful and liberating realization.  

You are totally not alone. There are many, many more people helping you along the way. You just have to be open and see that they are there and that they are supporting you.  

This starts small. What would you be without your family? Without your mother who gave birth to to you and your father – both of whom cared for you. Your siblings and childhood friends who also supported you. With whom you cuddled, played, laughed, had arguments, and experienced exciting adventures. 

Then, as you come into adulthood, this grows really bigger. You can start to see people who were there a long time before and carried you along the way.  

Your doctors, teacher, clothing makers, farmers and food makers, the people who build houses, roads, and more. All the great thinkers, writers, poets, artists, and musicians who play your favorite music after a tiresome day. 😊 

Not to forget the countless generations before us who built the societies, cultures, and technological advancements that we can profit. I mean would you still want to chart the wild ocean to travel from Europe to America – or vice versa. Like Columbus did. Hey, I mean this is really tiresome and dangerous. 

No, today you can hop onto a plane, enjoy some in flight entertainment and Asian cuisine along the ride. Hey, how cool and relaxed is that? 

There’s a saying that puts this into simple and humbling words. 

We are only dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants. 

But please, come to the realization that everyone, including you, is important. Each one a part of a gigantic and beautiful puzzle that spans the ages and currently includes over 7 billion people. 

To give you an easy example. What would Trump or other Politicians be without their tailor? Could you imagine them standing naked in front of the crowd. Or without their farmers providing them with food. They would starve, as powerful as they might feel. They depend on you.  

So even if you feel like a tiny farmer or tailor. You have something valuable to contribute. The main and most important thing is that you are happy doing what you are doing and that it fills your heart with joy – and that you make enough money for a living. Money should be means to an end, not the motivating factor.  

If you are currently not happy. There are ways out of this tightness and dissatisfaction. This doesn’t happen overnight, but gets easier over time and the more you start to open up to helpful people. The most powerful tool that each of us possesses is our gut. See this article for more

And as always. Please comment if you have any questions!

Take care, Sebastian  

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