Trust your gut – as seen on Quora

This is a short, but still important post for a change. I previously wrote about the importance of your gut feelings, because they show you the right way in your life.

In sync with this and as a confirmation, I came across this beautiful statement about the same principle (found on Quora).

If a business deal feels bad, I don’t do it – even if it shines on paper. If a person seems deceptive, I don’t trust them – even if all the rational evidence seems otherwise. On a positive note, if something feels absolutely right – I dive in 100%.

Julie Gurner

If had more than a share of these bad experiences myself. Only a few of these people were really deceptive. Most of them were very kind. But still, often my gut was telling me that the outcome would not be quite right.

In some business meetings for example, my gut told me that one of two persons sitting in front of me would be a GOOD match. Whereas my gut told me, that the other person WOULDN’T be such a good match. And his gut probably also told him the same.

And this tricky combination then turned out not in favor for all of us. The result was quite some hardship and stress.

So please. All of you out there. Spare yourself these kind of struggles. Instead, follow your gut and listen to it when it longs for something else!

It will lead you to a more peaceful life – just keep going in it’s direction. And you will feel that things can and will get easier over time. There are many people who feel that way and have experienced it.

Good luck on your journey and comment if you like.


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