Astrology: Know these 3 Core Forces – To know and understand yourself better!

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This is the First Article regarding Astrology on this Blog which should be rather factual and objective. It is rather long, but in my opinion a worthwhile read for All Those Interested in The Easy (!) Basics of Westen Astrology.

So even if you were scared away by one of the Previous Articles – please give it a read and let me know, what you think!

So – when it comes to Astrology – there is much information out there that can be confusing. I have been there before, so here are the 3 Main (!) Pillars of Western Astrology.

Once you get familiar with these 3 Easy Main Pillars, you can truly and really start (!) to understand Your Own Personality in a better, deeper, and in an – assisted through Astrology – more insightful way.

And you can not only understand Your Own Personality, but the Personalities of Your Loved ones, too!

Thus you can better “play along” With Life – where the main Factor are you, yourself. And then those around you as well.

About the Main Intention for This Article!

This Article can – and hopefully DOES 😊 – serve as a free and an intended helpful starting point!

If you ask me, The Concept of these Three Pillars can be more helpful than the regular Sun Sign only.

For the rest of this Article, please just don’t bother with the technical terms – very few of them!

I’ll show you how to understand this Concept in an easy and tangible way. I have used a very simple language with only a Handful of Astrological Terms.

The Three Main Pillars of Western Astrology. Here they are!

Pillar #1: Your Ascendant.

This is your Core Personality. Your Energy Center and Point of Balance so to say.

Some Astrologers say, the Ascendant only comes into play after 40 years of Life. A very skilled and trusted Astrologer of mine burst that bubble for me and explained it to me in the terms above!

Pillar #2: Your Moon.

This is your Main Subconscious (!) Driving Force. If your Moon is Star Sign Sagittarius for example, you deeply desire change within and around you. A good trait, but the Dosis has to be right. I think this applies to Life in General – if you are bit older, you already certainly know that?! πŸ™

Why the Right Dosis?

Sometimes this Moon Energy, the Subconscious Driving Force can certainly be more than is good for everyone. Hey, I mean, even as Star Sign Sagittarius, would want change youself and your surroundings every single day?!

Just ask yourself this simple question. Do you tend to sleep at home in your same bed as much as possible? I certainly do!

Some parts of Life require Stability and Deep Inner Security. For some this is Sleep, for some it is Family and Kids, for others it is Sports or so. But this need goes for all Living Beings – Animals included. Even our Ancestors Millions of Years ago – the Neanderthals had a Need for Fire, Food, and Shelter.

Thus, when this Stability and Security – hopefully leading to Peace of Mind as much as possible – iebgiven, People tend to have the Energy to be more (!) adaptable in Other Aspects of Their Life!

So the Right Dosis that I was speaking about is rather an attempted Balanced Life. Everyone is different when it comes to this Balance – see above.

I have had a Lack of Balance in my Life for a Rather Long Time and it has been extremely tiring. Until I finally – after all the Struggles – eventually started to make this Need for an Attempted Balanced Life conscious!

This doesn’t happen overnight, though. It is rather a longer process. Just like in Sports, you can’t run a Marathon right away. But don’t be afraid. As in Sports, you can and should (!) train and thereby increase your endurance and Stamina.

The Inevitable Setbacks will certainly get less over time!

To sum up my thoughts about the Moon Energy. Once you know your Moon Tendencies, you can make them conscious – i.e. become aware of them and willingly regulate them!

I find this very useful.

Pillar #3: Your Sun Sign.

That’s your Outer Shell and what most (!) Western Everyday People know about themselves – me included, for a very long time of my life.

This Outer Shell is how you interact with the World Around You.

Pisces Star Signs for example are very deep, emotional, and involved with people. I am one myself. Pisces take in very (!) much and also tend to react rather promptly, i.e. emotional.

Does this sound familiar to you?

This Outer Shell of Pisces – each Sign is very much different – can be very draining. But once you know your Energy Center, your Ascendant), you can then start to change.

If you are Star Sign Cancer for example, your inner being – which you should and can develop towards – is very reflected.

Thus, instead of often pushing out emotions and ideas, Star Sign Cancer, can develop towards their Energy Center. And then start to increasingly take in and analyze.

Once this process has been going on for some time, you start to have riper ideas – and THEN you put them out into the universe.

For the best of you! And the people around you, too! πŸ™

So how can you find out about your (!) three pillars easily?!

German People can go to and use the web portal over there or the free App. Once you enter your birth details (Date, Time, City) there, they will show you your full “Star Constallations” in an easy way.

For English speaking People, also has a good, free, and online Web Portal.

But please, if you are just starting out with Astrology, just take it easy. What to do? Simpky skim over the Technical Terms and Illustrations – don’t bother with them too much.

Just extract the information about your Three Pillars and you’ll be set for a good start! I promise this to you.

Going from there, you can then use your favorite Search Engine to find out about the Positive Qualities of each Star Sign.

There are negative qualities for each Sign as well. However, I am a fan of Positive Psychology – meaning that one should focus and work on one’s promising and worthwhile sides.

Why you shouldn’t focus too much on your Darker Sides?

Trying to work on your “Darker Sides” – usually the Things and Aspects in Life that you find hard, is only hard if you ask me, judging from my experience of a couple of decade.

I for example, absolutely don’t (!) like being cold-called by Promoters and Advertisers. These are often – not always – instructed to sell you things.

And for some this is truly great! Goods or Magazines come into their life – some of which they weren’t aware of previously.

As this is one of my Dark Sides, to me, such interactions – on the Phone or on the Streets – often feel draining, pointless, and even sometimes pushy to me.

Have you also had such experiences?

To Sum This Article Up!

As always, I really hope you could take something beneficial away from this Article of mine.

If not, or if you have any (!) sort of follow-up or clarifying questions and feedback, please just leave a comment and I will publically reply to you if your comment feels helpful to all of us.

Please keep in mind that Comments on this Blog are moderated. So if your comment feels to negative or disrespectful, I reserve the right to delete it. You can then simply go elsewhere.

I feel, everyone here understands this! Thank you.

Let me know what you think and how it worked out for you!



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