On Free Will – My Take

Here is an Article with my Findings and Experiences on Free Will so far. This time the Article has seen little optical makeup – as I am still traveling.

Feel free to comment and share your Experiences, too!

On Free Will Or Not.

Some say, Free Will and our Existence is an Illusion. Please, what?

There’s a Buddhist story – depicting a short dialogue between student and Teacher – where the student persists on Life being an Illusion.

The master’s response? He pours out the hot Content of His Pipe on the student’s bald head. Ouch, that hurt! This much regarding an Illusion! 😉

Others say, our Life is a Mix between Fate and Destiny – with phases of Choice and Predetermination alternating.

I also read a religious Book – mostly about our Relationship to Angels – that named it a bit differently:

Closed and Open Fate Periods.

I feels there’s some Predetermination and thus Closure to our Lives. Why?

For example, you only Choose your Parents as a Soul Contract in Heaven in Your Pre-Life Planning and then in Human Form don’t consciously remember this any more. Then it feels like Closure.

See Michael Newton’s excellent (!) book “Journey of Souls” on this topic.

He’s a clinic regression Therapist, skeptical, and couldn’t believe his Discoveries at first, either. Until he had many more Patients confirming this Experience in his Therapy Sessions.

I have read books and seen videos by excellent Youth Counselor, Decade Long Mythologist, and Teacher Michael Meade.

I really, really like him, but to this very closed Concept I’d also say. Excuse me?

From experience I rather subscribe to What the Enlightened Buddha’s told us.

Free Will and Karma.

You Sow what you Reap – the early Followers of Christ knew that, too – and you have PLENTY of choices throughout a day. Here’s an excellent, insightful, and well thought-through Article on this Topic.

So if you have Free Will every Day simply try to Calculate this up to a whole Lifetime!

On Prophecies and Their Real Value

There have been countless profound and experienced Seers over the Ages who often predicted a gloomy future.

Nostradamus (1503 – 1566) for example combined Gifts and also diligently researched Astrology as well as Biblical Prophecies to combine them into his Teachings.

Here are three References: Site #1, Site #2, and the Official Wikipedia Page.

Did their Prophecies all come true? No.

Why? Because we all have the power to react to such, sometimes alarming Prophecies, exercise our combined Free Will, and change the World for Better.

On real evil – unfortunately there – in this world.

On creation 1/3 rds of the Souls rebelled against God and were sent to Hell. They didn’t listen and they roamed and still roam the Earth – spreading fear and misery – as Incarnated Demons. Alongside the good Souls that are kind.

This is documented in several religious teachings.

Are these Fallen Angels Eternally doomed? Certainly not!

They also have Heavenly support and als have plenty (!) of choices to turn around if they just listen to God and kind Fellow Humans. See above!

So what happens if they don’t listen?

The Karma teachings also say that a rebellious and disobedient Human will for example reincarnate as a lobster that’s going to be cooked alive to death.

Now, I don’t like animals being cooked alive. That hint towards Karma being at work – and the content from the Article – might explain a bit more though, what’s going on in this world!

And don’t be afraid. There’s plenty of hope for those who are kind!

Thus, take care and listen to God.

Exercise your Free Will wisely, please! 🙏

Yours, Sebastian

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