Johannes Czwalina on diversity

I just found the following text passage by the German author, theologian, and corporate consultant Johannes Czwalina in my quotes collection. In this text passage he absolutely beautifully describes human diversity and individual purpose on this earth. I could not have found better words, so I thought I'd share them with you. This is an … Continue reading Johannes Czwalina on diversity

Diversity according to Ayurveda

The first time I stumbled upon the notion that humans are in fact different was when Ayurveda came into my life. Ayurveda is an ancient indian wisdom and teaching about our body, energies, and health. Ayurveda has the notion that there are three different types or elements. Vata (element "air")Pitta (element "fire")Kapha (element "earth") Each … Continue reading Diversity according to Ayurveda